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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Vitus Frame //// A discovery

Whilst on holiday my uncle explains to me how he used to work in a bike factory
assembling frames and different parts together for professional racers... As an actual fact,
he assembled a Vitus Alu frame and put it into the oven himself for the adhesives to stick together..

The frame is made and all assembled he tells me. It is lying at my Granny's in the cellar and has not
moved in the last 15-20 years... Could this be true? There is one way to find out.. I head to my nan's,
and head for the cellar. There it is, suspended at the back of some nails, a brand new Vitus racer frame,
never used.

I've taken it back to London to get it tested. And hopefully by the new year, this should be on the road. It will however have to be a Sunday bike and special occasion bike. These bikes were never meant to last long as the adhesive tends to brake with consecutive shocks. They would last a couple thousand km before having to be renewed. However, they look beautiful and I can't wait to try it out.

Merci Jean-Loups, j'ai hate de tester ce beau velo...

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