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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Massif Central /// Summer rides


Day 01: Ste Sigolene to Marhles
Difficulty: Easy
Day 02: Ste Sigolene to Mt Mezenc
Difficulty: Medium
Day 03: Ste Sigolene
Difficulty: Medium

Maps and stats to follow:

A couple of rides back in the la Haute-Loire. The weather was fortunate and we were
gifted a heat wave. Rides included morning trips to Marhles with my Dad, a solo
challenge to the Mt Mezenc summit via Chaudeyrolles as well as  a
new ride with my friend Jean-Luc Vincent who showed me some lovely new roads towards

The area is perfect for any type of ride, there are no flats available in the region but you chose your route according to how much you want to push yourself. When the sun is out, the rides are just
beautiful, I go back every year and every time the rides are different.

This was all good training for the big challenge ahead...265km in a day to Geneva

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