Thank god someone invented the wheel

We're a group of people who enjoy going out and trying new challenges on the bike. And we thought it would be nice to share some of the beautiful stuff we see. Enjoy.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Herne Hill/// Velodrome

We thought we should try out a bit of track riding in Herne Hill so we set off there
on Saturday morning. Ben and Dan had a good time and seemed at ease with the
intermediate session. As for me, I was sidelined with 2 bacon sandwiches as I had
to wait for my induction course which I sacked  off in the end as I found it too hard
and frustrating watching people cycle for 3 hours. It will be for an other time, looking
forward to it.

Herne hill Velodrome:

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Italia 2011///Rest day in Tropea

What was supposed to be a last rest day in Tropea turned out
to be a race against time in order to pack our bikes up and get them
back as safe as possible. Our entire journey was planned to the detail
from route maps, hotel reservations, equipment etc... and everything
worked to a T. As we arrived in Innsbruck, we sent our specialist bike
bags to our our arrival point using what is supposed to be a professional
service called UPS. Upon arrival, we were told that not only had
the bags not arrived but UPS did not even know where they were.

We were left to sort our bikes out without any help whatsoever,
thanks UPS, we'll make sure we never use you again.

However, the day was saved by the good food and pizzas we had at the
vecchio forno, where Mario and Aldo &Co were happy to hear about our
adventures and tell us about the importance of the vecchio forno which used
to be 1 of 3 main bakers in the area.