Thank god someone invented the wheel

We're a group of people who enjoy going out and trying new challenges on the bike. And we thought it would be nice to share some of the beautiful stuff we see. Enjoy.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Richmond Park /// Hello Winter

This Saturday, we met up with part of the group Onwards and Upwards (
with whom we're doing the Amstel Gold Race. We split at Richmond
park with a handful heading to Windsor and back, whilst Ben Mat and
did 3 laps around the park.

The crisp morning sun mixed with a layer of white frost allowed for some spectacular
views of London and the park. At times, with the deers in the mist, we could hardly believe
we were still in London. Unfortunately, my phone seized up many times as the temperatures
were too low for it to operate, so the picks are limited but should give you an idea of the beauty.

The route:

Climbing the classics /// A book to get hold of

If you enjoy the mountains and want to know about Europe's most infamous climbs,
have a look at this book - ‘Mountain High: Europe's 50 Greatest Cycle Climbs’ by 
Daniel Friebe, with photographs by Pete Goding.

There are some exceptional shots and lovely descriptions about the challenges and

history of Europe’s most notorious climbs from 50 to 3000+ metre passes.

Stay tuned, we’ll be trying a couple of these this year without a doubt.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012 /// The cycling plan

Right, we've been hard at work planning for 2012 and here are the challenges ahead in
chronological order:

Some Surrey and Richmond Park training at the beginning of the year to get the legs
warmed up. Towards Feb/March, we should be planning a weekend in the Cotswolds
 where the first real tests of the season will be upon us - short but steep climbs surrounded
 by beautiful countryside.

Then we get to April, where the season really starts to kick in. We'll be heading to 
Geneva where Ben, Dan and I will be hitting some day trips that tap into the tour
of the Léman lake, some along mountain passes including the Col de la Faucille, the
road to the mountain station Flaine and possibly Loèche-les-Bains. We're still working
on the routes and itinerary, but we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready.

The weekend after this will be the Amstel Gold race (
) in Holland, 
where 15 of us will get on a 150km race for the day followed by a little party time!

Come May, I'll be heading south to Bordeaux for a family weekend. Bordeaux is so
close to the Pyrenees, it would be rude not to attempt the big boys while I’m there,
including the classic Tourmalet among others. We're working on the programme
at the moment.

At the end of June (30th), we’d like to get onto the Dunwich Dynamo again
( It’s such a different and unreal experience 
riding 120 miles through the night with about 500 other riders, arriving in the early 
morning hours at a beach in Norfolk. Anyone is welcome to join for this one - departure
is at 8pm from a pub in the park. Anyone fancy doing it with a single speed? I think I might.

The big trip this year will be FRANCE. Although we will have done a couple of small trips
in and out, we wish to start a trip from London to Paris to warm up, followed by a train 
journey into the centre of France. Maybe while we’re there, we'll travel to the south and
possibly attempt Mont Ventoux. Or we might head to Bourg d'Oisans where the Alpes d'Huez
and Galibier will hopefully welcome us back with open roads and harsh climbs. Either way,
 it'll be sweat and glory all the way. This should be between the 6th and 17th of July, 
which is coincidentally, when the Tour de France will hit central France, so maybe 
we’ll see the riders fly by.

In the mean time, there‘s always trips to the Surrey hills and a couple of extras here and there.
Also keep your eyes on the trip that Thom and Guigui are going to be doing - Paris to 
St Petersburg by bike. We don't have the itinerary yet but will let you know as soon as
we get it. These guys will be travelling for a long time and their stories are bound to be
worth telling.

Also in the pipeline is the story of Rob Ward, who 20 years ago rode all the way from London
to Pakistan with his wife. We'll try and have an article about his adventure as well as a
couple of pics of his epic journey.

Voilà, that's all for now folks, but if you'd like more detailed information, please get in touch. 
We'll be posting all our routes.