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Sunday, 10 March 2013

/// Aluminium bike respray ///

Challenge: Get your current bike resprayed
Difficulty: hard for the one doing the job, nerve wracking for me wondering if it's going to look good
Who's involved?: Duncan and his team at Armourtex
Jess at Onward display, Sponsored by InterestingProjects

Right, so in order to start the year off, I was facing one major question:

Do I buy a new bike as my Alu Giant was starting to show its age and everyone
is craving the Carbon craze.


Do I respray my existing bike and give it a bit of a second wave. The bike is not worth
more than 300 pounds but after having lived through so many adventures together, I could not let it go
so easily, so I went for the bike botox option.

After a good conversation with Duncan at a company called Armourtex in Clapton, we finally decided to go for it and try achieve the look we wanted.

I got put in touch with the right people at Onwards display in order to develop all the decals necessary. Duncan kept me in the loop with developments and updated me with  work in progress photos on a weekly basis. Indeed, it took a couple of weeks to process the work because it had to be done well and

As an addition to the respray, you can also get a full service done to your bike. Not only does it look good, it feels like a whole new bike.

Am I happy with the result? Yes, most definitely. If you enjoy a bit of your own creative ideas without having to apply a tattoe on yourself, then applying it on your bike is as good as.
You know when a team of people have enjoyed working on a project. Everything down to the detail has been considered throughout. Even the plastic caps screwed onto the valves match the blue color.

Thank you to everyone involved on the project, I feel like a kid riding without stabilizers for the first time and I'm very proud of what has been achieved.

Oh, and if you are wondering what Mace or MassifCentral stands for, it's a new cycling apparel brand
about to show the light very soon. Keep your eyes open.