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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Commuter //// Goodbye fixie

A final Goodbye to the fixie bike as far as I'm concerned as my last bike
undergoes its operation to become a good old single speed.

Why no more fixie?

Well, I've tried it out for at least a year and whilst I have enjoyed it, these are the main reasons
why I doubt I'll ever go back to it.

1. Hard on the bumps
2. One break at the front is not enough as a safety net
3. Three wrecked pairs of trousers

Au revoir mon petit fixie, a jamais..
photo taken a Lock7, London


  1. How did you wreck your trousers? I agree speed humps are a problem though!

  2. Hi James,

    the edge of my trousers got caught in the chain ring when I did not tuck them into my socks properly.
    I supposed it was my fault as I did not tuck them in well, but still a bummer when it's a good pair of trousers.

    enjoying the single speed