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Saturday, 27 April 2013

///Amstel Godl/// 200km

Location: Amstel Gold, Maastricht  
Distance: 200km
Difficulty: hard, it's a classic with 200km to accomplish

Finally the Surrey hills winter training paid off as we entered the first event of 2013: 
the Amstel Gold 2013. 

With an extra 50km added onto last year's achievements
we were lucky to have a day without any rain and the sun showing its face towards the 
latter part of the day. 

We all kept together for the first 100km shielding each other off from the high winds, further to which each one of us got stuck into our personal rhythms and split into small groups. The first group to finish passed the line with 8:26 on the clock. 

With the crowd cheering, a semi open road and tarmac you don't mind having a nap on, it madethe day and experience one to remember. No falls nor broken nones which is always a worry. 

I do want to give a special cheers to Neil, who managed to complete 200km with a massive smile within just 4 months of training (he's the one smiling on the pic…)  Well done mate. 

Next year, we'll be trying a new challenge elsewhere, we'll keep you in touch.