Thank god someone invented the wheel

We're a group of people who enjoy going out and trying new challenges on the bike. And we thought it would be nice to share some of the beautiful stuff we see. Enjoy.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Sunday cycle /// Back to Surrey Hills 42miles

The winds of change blew us in the direction of Surrey today, 
back to our old training turf in Surrey - the 42 mile round circuit from Dorking. 

please click the link for the detailed route: 

The weather and visibility were perfect. The roads however, were a bit 
on the treacherous side, with a thick layer of slippery autumn leaves under 
our wheels and many of the descents on wet tarmac. As a result, Ben
came off on a tight bend, but not to worry, the new carbon bike is still intact 
and unscathed. If only the same could be said about his lycra… 

We've documented the Surrey hills ride many times, so we thought we 
would treat you to some pics on the way to the train station. This is 
London at 7am on a clear autumn day - a real beaut, and well worth
the early rising and painful legs.


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Itlalia 2011///An autumn reminder

We can't stop thinking back to Spring this year, to our epic Italian
journey from noth to south. We are still far from completing a video
with descents, and just general points of the trip that we love to geek
out on, but thought we would share this segment here:

Sadly, we really love that noise of passing wheels on tarmac.
It's our second day in Tuscany, between Bologna and Florence.
Also included are a couple mountain (Dolomites) images that are
worth showing. The trip was just epic. We're prepping for next year's
challenges now, with a couple of hard challenges. But not saying anything
till the dates and routes are confirmed. It will most certainly include some
mountains though for sure to cap the whole thing off!

The route: from Innsbruck to Tropea, 1700km 

                                                          Before the arrival into Florence

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Saturday London cycle///54 miles

This Saturday, we tried a new route which started from East Dulwich
library and led all the way to Oxted, south of the M25. Some nice autumn
scenery, and some good country roads.

There are some decent challenges with
one hill at 20% gradient. Yes, one of those which makes you wonder why you're
actually doing this to yourself. And the end of the trip is the climb into Crystal palace.
The route is actually 42 miles, but I've added the extra 10 as I started in East London.
Click link for route:

I would also like welcome Ben and Simons's new machines, some lovely carbon kit.
Ben used to ride an old steel Bianchi, and the difference was very visible as we struggled
in the early stages to follow his punishing rythm, a very good pace maker indeed. I never
really considered carbon myself, but after seeing them 2 comfortably whizzing past, it makes
me wonder now. Maybe next year. Here are some pics of the ride and the bikes!


Friday, 7 October 2011

Lake District///Let's do some downhill!

Hi all,

Last week-end myself and Glen went to the Lake district, about 10miles north
west of Penrith for a chilled one. We took our bikes out there to help us get to
places. On the Saturday, Mark (details to follow) picked us up and took us for a mountain
bike tour around the hills.

Well, we thought it was going to be a walk in the park and a little
ride over simple muddy tracks. No no.. We got kitted with a downhill bike each and
went for our first rocky downhill experience. Although I fell off 3 times and feel
quite lucky not to have damaged myself more, we got to see some superb country side
as well as experience some a great riding experience through quite technical paths.

The ride was called Borrowdale bash, a 15mile ride starting in Kewick including
Ashness bridge, the honister, and going along castle crag. Any further detail, get in
touch with them direct:

Really enjoyed it and definitely one to do again. A couple of pics below and a video
due to arrive shortly. MEGA


Cadel Evans on a city brake? Oh no, It's GLEN! 

Can't argue with the beauty of this, The English Isle does not stop to amaze me