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We're a group of people who enjoy going out and trying new challenges on the bike. And we thought it would be nice to share some of the beautiful stuff we see. Enjoy.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Amstel Gold CLASSIC///150 km ride

This year, we were 14 of us  to try out a classic ride and got signed
onto the Amstel Gold 150km classic ride starting in Holland and
running through Germany and Belgium.

It's a slow and and flat start to begin with, but as the day goes on,
the hills get steeper and more frequent. Aa a result you have a nice
finish on a hill with a good bunch of riders and an Amstel beer as
you cross the line. Final time: 6:28:30

Top fun and top day.
The day was organized by Onwards and Upwards.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Geneva /// April 2012 3Day etapes

Well well, the sun is back and Spring is well on its way,
we've been riding Surrey hills pretty much every weekend
since the beginning of the year, and it has proved to be good training.

Ben Dom and I headed to Geneva from which we did 3 days
of cycling, testing out our legs on some mountain still partially covered
with snow and closed roads.. The verdict? Tough but incredibly beautiful.

Some of the routes in the mountains were still closed, but we managed to
find a gap between showers and were even rewarded with 5 hours of sunshine
when we got to the top of the col de la joux verte, just off Morzine.

Passes and altitude completed:
Col de la Faucille in the Jura at 1323meters  11.8km long on 7.03% av gradient
Col du Marchairuz at 1449 meters
Col de la joux verte at 1760meters 11.6km long on 8.5% av gradient
La cote d'abroz (road was closed) we got up approx 1350meter
Les Croisettes (Le mont Saleve) 1379meters 4km stretch at 12% av gradient

Routes and pics below:

Day 01: 136.5km
Day 02: 90km
Day 03: 62km