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Sunday, 11 November 2012

London to nearly Brighton /// 53 miles on a cold wintery day

Challenge: Ride from London to Brighton in cold and wet conditions
Difficulty: Medium. Well, it should be medium, but with the cold and the amount of punctures I had,
we never really set into a good rythm so the ride felt a lot tougher

To ben: note the difference between the old and new

We set off with the best of intentions: a good early start through potential rough weather from East London to Brighton in order to meet Alice Will and Rosa for a nice afternoon pub lunch and then back to London on the train: Perfect.

No further than tower bridge did I get the first puncture. This was to happen another 4 times that day on the same spot. As a result, our cycle became a game of stop/start/get cold and we lost momentum and motivation. However, we were gifted with spectacular forest colours from bright reds to yellow. Even the air and smells felt autumnal.

My summer tyre had reached an end of it's short era, the tyre was no more so we decided that the best thing was to finish the trip on the train from Haysworth Heath to Brighton. We had to shave about 10 miles off but we will do it again and complete it.

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