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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cornwall /// Falmouth /// Autumn ride 25 miles


Route: from Falmouth to Helford passage and back using the ferry and sipping local ale 25miles
Difficulty: easy/medium
A beautiful coastal autumn ride through the up and down roads of Cornwall passing through lovely
countryside and beaches

My mates Becky and Thom (tallthom) are based in Cornwall. We'd promised a nice weekend together for a long time, so it was rude not to put the bike on the train from Paddington and discover the area with a Sunday ride.

The scenery and hills live up to their promises. After a long night out drinking oysters and beer, Thom, Ollie and myself set off through the country lanes. A perfect Autumn ride with the last summer heat. When we got to Helford, we waited for the ferry to pick us up and we stopped for a Yum fish n chips and a couple ales.

Then back to Falmouth through the coastal road. Thanks all for such a mega weekend.

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